Always remember- your employees are the engine that drives your business, and your most valuable asset. We believe maintaining positive employer-employee relationship is critical to preserving a positive culture in the workplace. We are proud to offer a multitude of Human Resources services, specifically tailored to various industries to help them achieve maximum efficiency in the workplace.

We provide comprehensive services in all three phases of the employment cycle, New Hire (Onboarding), Employee management, Termination.

New Hire-Onboarding
  1. I-9 verification
  2. W-4
  3. Employee Handbook
  4. Understanding the Major Employment Laws
  5. Job Descriptions
  6. Employee Discipline
  7. Anti-Harassment
  8. Effective and Legal Hiring
  9. Overtime Pay Requirements
  10. Reducing Employee Turnover

Employee Management
  1. Workers compensation claims
  2. Employee Discipline
  3. Anti-Harassment
  4. Cases related to OSHA, Department of Labor and EEOC
  5. Regulatory compliance with COBRA program
  6. Evaluation of Employee Performance